Winemaking Fun-damentals Made Easy — $450
 Delivered as an in-person class to over 4,500 winemakers since 1984, this popular lecture series condenses the essentials of a university enology degree into six easy lessons over 18 hours, delivered in 88 short video segments. Includes a 550-page comprehensive Syllabus mailed to your door and a free mini-consult to adapt the material to your particular situation.


Advanced Red Winemaking — $199

Seasoned professionals learn to create reds with refined structure, balanced microbiome, graceful longevity and soulful bouquet. Transitioning from clean, safe wine to profound, great wine requires letting go of conventional practices, often doing the opposite. Sulfite-free winemaking is explored.

Methods to Reduce Titratable Acidity — $49

A comprehensive look at theory and practical tips for a wide variety of approaches to reducing TA and controlling pH. Smith describes the pros and cons of amelioration, bitartrate precipitation, potassium bitartrate precipitation, malate-consuming yeasts, simultaneous malolactic fermentation, double-salt precipitation and membrane technologies.

Methods for Adjusting Alcohol Content — $59

Three decades after Smith introduced his patented process for reducing excessive alcohol, “de-alc” is now a standard practice for half of California wine. Smith explains the technologies in use and draws on experience with 35,000 lots to delve into the mysterious “sweet spot” phenomenon for fine-tuning wine harmony.

Brett Characteristics and Prevention — $59

This 25+ minute in-depth video will help anyone understand what Brett is (and is not), identifying its characteristics and incredible diversity throughout the globe (why Burgundy and Bordeaux strains don’t even have the same number of chromosomes!) Surprising advice about control and why sanitation causes Brett.

Cork Taint Causes and Closure Choices — $59

A comprehensive overview of wine’s most daunting challenge. Smith guides us through the intricacies of cork taint and wine closure choices, sharing unpublished data from his thirteen-year chairmanship of the Cork Quality Working Group of the California Enological Research Association, available nowhere else.

Volatile Acidity Causes and Treatment — $39

Clark Smith stunned the winemaking world in 1992 with his patented process for removing volatile acidity from wine, a process now employed throughout the world. Smith explodes myths from three decades of service work and provides useful practical ideas for preventing, suppressing and treating VA properly, with cautionary tips about how to spot a VA removal charlatan.