Revolutionary & Game Changing Wine Metric. 

Our new O2 appetite analysis determines the reductive vigor of a particular wine by measuring how fast a wine consumes a saturation of oxygen over a period of time  This tool will help guide winemakers with:

  • Pinpointing fragile or reductive wines
  • Anticipate problems and guide blending decisions
  • Guide closure OTR selection
  • Forecast release dates
  • Prescribe treatments
  • Predict shelf life
  • Acquire feedback on ripeness

Price: $100 per sample

Instructions on sending your sample(s):

Submit one 750 ML bottle for analysis.

For bulk wine samples please include the following:

  • Winery Name
  • Varietal Composition
  • Vintage
  • AVA
  • Vineyard designation or other specific lot or process identification
  • Email of individual(s) to receive reports

Additional info requested but not required are:

  • pH
  • Free SO2
  • % alcohol v/v

Ship to:

               WineSmith Consulting

               441 Beaver St.

               Santa Rosa, CA 95404

               Attn: O2 Appetite Analysis



Price: $100.00