Whether you're a professional winemaker, a home hobbyist, or an entrepreneur just wondering 'Can I do this?', I've probably fielded questions like yours before.

So we can get to know each other,
I will answer any question for $100!    ASK CLARK NOW!

Any question at all?  Sure, I'll take your money, but I recommend you confine your questions to my expertise.  (I've never had children, so you probably shouldn't ask me parenting advice.)  But if you have a question on wine or winemaking, I have a long list of folks who were glad they asked.

Areas of expertise:

-General questions on wine chemistry and microbiology.
-New product development.
-Wine and must additions such as pH correction and brix dilution.
-Sulfite-free wine production.
-Oxygenation techniques.
-Applications of reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration or other tangential flow membrane systems.
-Cork and closure quality control.
-Alcohol adjustment.
-Grape maturity determination.
-Grape varietal planting choices.
-Brettanomyces management
-Wine evaluation and treatment recommendations
-Wine / music matching for specific wines or background music for tasting rooms and restaurants.

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