Vineyard Design

We are not viticulturalists. 

Our strength is to determine winemaking projects which make sense in light of local climate and soil and are also in accord with the winery’s Purpose and Vision.  We are well-schooled in the latest developments in new varieties as well as the large number of excellent European varieties which have thus far been ignored in the United States.  We are also very familiar with and heirloom grapes from the 19th Century, particularly by T.V. Munson, which have great promise. We work with State viticulturalists to develop a list of options to plant with their characterizations, pros and cons. 


Decisions need to be made at this time regarding the practicality and desirability of organic certification, Demeter (biodynamic) certification, sustainability and/or Living Soil practices.  These choices will guide every next step in vineyard development including who you can cooperate with.


Vineyard design incudes many choices including:

-Forest clearing and soil fumigation

-Water management: drainage, irrigation, frost protection systems

-Soil analysis and amendments

-Trellis and training choices


Most small vineyards benefit from a local viticultural expert or a cooperative of vineyards who can share expertise and equipment and organize labor for vineyard development and maintenance.


Once vineyards are established, WineSmith can advise on achieving vine balance, winemaking protocols, yields assessment and optimization, maturity determination for the protocol in question, and harvest logistics and equipment and records keeping.